Firma Delta Optical
este prezentă pe piața poloneză începând cu anul 1989, această țară fiind una în care vânatul are o tradiție de sute de ani. Lunetele proprii sunt fabricate în Japonia, cu cele mai mari exigențe de calitate, la un preț competitiv.
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Microscop biologic DELTA Genetic Pro Bino USB
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Microscop biologic DELTA Genetic Pro Bino USB
3850.00 RON
la comanda, livrare in 3-5 zile

• ergonomic and handy microscope with a built-in digital video camera for computer processing of observed images and presentation of microscope
• preparations to larger groups of learners
• valued by users in secondary schools, student laboratories, and other laboratories performing routine testing
• offers a wonderful image quality magnified from 40x to 1000x
• equipped with a comfortable binocular Siedentopf head with adjustable eye distance movable two-preparations stage with measurement scale
• adjustable LED illuminator prevents overheating, which enables performing observations for many hours without a necessity of shuting the microscope down for cooling
• excellent opportunity to extend by adding sets fot different observation techniques: dark field, polarization and phase contrast
• image processing software included in set

Technical specification and equipment:
• built-in digital video camera
• computer connection via USB port
• optical tube length: 160 mm
• binocular head angle: 30º
• quatro revolving nose-piece
• achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (S)(O)
• 2x eyepiece Plan 10x, field of view 18 mm
• focusing: fine adjustment knob and coarse adjustment knob
• 1.25 NA Abby condenser
• flat stage with a scale, stage clips, and two knobs for adjustments in two directions (XY); stage dimensions: 132 mm x 132 mm, adjustment range XY: 75 mm x 40 mm
• the stage has a blocking mechanism helping to avoid accidental crushing the preparation
• illumination: LED 3W
• filters: green, blue
• left eyepiece diopter adjustment: +/- 5D
• operating temperature range: od 0ºC do +40ºC